You can vote on campus, and it’s more important than ever that you do

So much is on the ballot this year. To make the changes we want to see, we have to send the right leaders to Washington.

If you have any questions about voting or issues submitting your ballot, call the Arizona Voter Protection Hotline: 


[email protected]

How will you vote?

You’ve got options — choose the one that’s right for you.

Mail In — Early  — Emergency Voting — Election Day

If you’ve already requested and received your Mail Your Ballot, we recommend you mail it back by October 27th for it to be received and counted in time. You can also drop your ballot off at any ballot drop box, or voting location. If you do, make sure you follow the instructions and sign your affidavit envelope!

If you’re voting in person, make sure you have your mask and you’re staying at least six feet away from those around you.

You can Vote Early until October 30th.

From October 31st until November 2nd, you can Emergency Vote if you won’t be able to vote on Election Day. Contact your County elections office for more information about emergency voting options.

And you can Vote on Election Day on November 3rd.

Where will you vote?

Find your polling location by entering your on-campus address here:

Or, select your school here to find your on-campus voting location: